Havasupai Trip: Rocks and Water

Logan and I had an amazing time in Havasupai Arizona. It's near the grand canyon and is probably the most beautiful place I've ever seen. Neither words nor pictures can hardly describe how beautiful it truly was. It was a great experience. I'll share a little about what it was like.

Wednesday all packed and ready to go, Logan got off work, his Dad and brother Isaac came from Idaho to pick us up and drive the 11 hour drive to "the hilltop" where we would begin our adventure.

We got to experience the joys of nature from the get go. Once we reached the hilltop at 1:00 a.m. we pulled out a tarp, some sleeping pads and a sleeping bag and slept until 4:30, walked 11.5 miles, saw the most beautiful waterfalls, sweat like none other, set up camp and ate some lunch, we went on a little hike to go see some more falls and explore a little. Holy beautiful. Let me tell ya! Seriously, I was just in awe the WHOLE time. It was amazing!

Saturday we got up and got ready to go on another hike. The sun was shining and we left our campground excited to see more beautiful nature. We hiked through the river, jumped off waterfalls and climbed big rocks in order to get to where we were wanting to go.

 We finally got to the cliffs 3 miles later and started jumping off. Right after I finally got the guts to jump, while standing in the water, it started to rain. Pretty quick it was raining HARD. The wind picked up and we heard thunder from all directions. There was a storm coming in, but not just a regular storm, we were caught in the middle of a flash flood! It was crazy! Climbing back up the cliff was a little difficult because the rocks were now slippery from water and mud, plus we had rain pouring on us, but eventually we made it to the top and found shelter under another big rock. While we were sitting there it was so cool to see mother nature work. New waterfalls started forming ALL OVER the cliff walls, the water once a bright blue was now a muddy brown. We sat there in the rock for probably 30-40 minutes waiting for the storm to pass. It finally let up a bit and we were able to safely walk back to camp. What an adventure!!!

Saturday I woke up around 6:30 or so, and was able to just lay in bed and ponder. I brought a little Book of Mormon with me and started reading where I had left off the day before. I was reading in Ether where Ether too had to hide himself in a rock to escape from the danger of war. The world was very wicked during his time, and if he ever left the rock, he'd have no protection. His situation was a little different than ours, but the same principle applies, really. We might not always be caught in a flash flood, or trying to escape from those trying to physically harm us, but we DO have spiritual tempests, wars, tragedies, and floods. While lying in my sleeping bag, listening to the river rushing by our campground and watching the sun slowly rise, I thought to myself, "am I allowing myself to be protected by "the Rock?" Hel 5:12 tells us that Jesus Christ is the rock of our salvation. We must totally be encompassed by his love, protection and power in order to escape the hands of Satan and conquer these daily spiritual battles we face. Every day is a battle. Everyday is an adventure! We can find so much strength and power in the Rock of our Salvation, and the Water of Life, even Jesus Christ if we seek it out and trust in Him. What a blessing it was to go to Havasupai, be with friends and family, and learn a great lesson about my Savior!

It was great to just get away from the world for a while and enjoy some of the most beautiful creations our Father has given us. We are so blessed! I loved everything about this trip! (Except the part where we had to come home.)

I hope someday you all have the opportunity to go and see what I mean! It's great...so great! We loved it!

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  1. I found your blog! I'm super jealous of Havasupai! If only we weren't getting married we would have been there!